Innocence Project of Florida

Innocence Project of Florida

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Innocence Project of Florida (IPF) is a nonprofit organization that provides legal assistance free of charge to incarcerated people with claims of actual innocence and helps innocent prisoners in Florida obtain their freedom and rebuild their lives. IPF’s mission is to screen and investigate cases in which meritorious innocence claims are identified; secure DNA testing when biological evidence exists; advocate for the release and/or exoneration of individuals whose cases present meritorious innocence claims based on evidence of actual innocence; provide transitional and aftercare services to exonerees and advocates for necessary criminal justice reform to avoid wrongful incarcerations in the future. The organization only works on cases in post-conviction. In other words, a person looking for assistance from them must have been convicted in a Florida State court, sentenced, and have already completed their direct appeal process. Additionally, they do not work directly on cases where an outside attorney has already been appointed or retained.

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