Institute for Educational Empowerment

Institute for Educational Empowerment

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Institute for Educational Empowerment partners with Miami Dad College to provide vital education services to vulnerable members of society. More specifically, the organization works to offer opportunities to currently incarcerated individuals. According to the Institute for Educational Empowerment, 96% of justice involved individuals will be released back into the Miami Dade community. They believe that providing these individuals with the chance to complete GED programming, pursue higher education degrees and enter trade programs will protect the entire community. Formerly incarcerated individuals are far more likely to successfully reenter the community and avoid re-offense if they have a viable, sustainable path to financial security and independence. The Institute for Educational Empowerment hopes to ensure that this is possible for those inside correctional facilities, looking ahead toward release and preemptively filling gaps in education so that individuals do not face significant barriers to employment after their release. For more information, contact the organization directly.
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