Jailhouse Lawyer’s Manual

Jailhouse Lawyer’s Manual

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Jailhouse Lawyer’s Manual (JLM) is a handbook of legal rights and procedures designed for use by people in prison. It is published by Columbia Human Rights Law Review. The JLM informs prisoners of their legal rights and instructs them about how to secure these rights through the judicial process, clearly explaining legal research techniques and how to read legal documents. Prisoners may use the JLM to address specific problems related to their treatment in prison or to attack their unfair convictions or sentences. The JLM  can assist prisoners in effectively using the resources available to them in their prison law libraries. The JLM covers a wide variety of topics and also includes a directory of legal and social services for prisoners around the country. The information on federal actions will be helpful to a prisoner in federal prison or pursuing federal claims, no matter where the prisoner is located. The law, procedures and forms relating to state actions vary from state to state. But, they provide information that is generally applicable, although they often use New York forms and procedures for specific illustrations. Nevertheless, prisoners outside New York will find the JLM a valuable research tool.

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