Johnny Apple Seed Association, Inc.

Johnny Apple Seed Association, Inc.

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Johnny Apple Seed Association (JASA) is a nonprofit organization that provides support and assistance to military veterans & spouses, people with disabilities and the unemployed. JASA‘s goal is to encourage their clients to strive to gain independence and self-confidence to sustain themselves financially in the near future. They provide support and assistance in the areas of community outreach, training resources, job placement assistance, tutoring, education and life skills, financial and housing assistance. As part of JASA’s Resume and job assistance services, they have professional HR personnel who are hiring recruiters and match companies with candidates regularly. This is a valuable resource for someone who is starting over or just completing a shift in their life. They also offer a fresh supply of products to help make the rough area of life a little easier. JASA advocates for incarcerated people and has led campaigns to make reentry easier for them such as saving their licenses from suspension due to nonpayment of court fees.

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