King County Diversion and Reentry Services

King County Diversion and Reentry Services

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Diversion and Reentry Services, or DRS, coordinates programs to help people with behavioral health issues avoid jail and hospital visits. DRS is part of the Department of Community and Human Services Behavioral Health and Recovery Division of King County. The mission of DRS is to develop and administer programs and initiatives in King County that are supportive of, and informed by, individuals with behavioral health conditions encountering the criminal justice and crisis systems. A reentry service is also provided to help hospitalized or incarcerated individuals as they transition back into the community and develop fulfilling lives. King County implemented the Program for Assertive Community Treatment (PACT) to reduce psychiatric hospital and jail use for up to 180 individuals who are among the most frequent utilizers of these systems. In addition, the King County Veteran Justice Initiative (VJI) strives to prevent unnecessary criminalization of behavioral health disorders and extended incarceration among veterans by ensuring eligible, justice-involved veterans have timely access to Veterans Health Administration services and other suitable services. Contact Diversion and Reentry Services for more information on their programs.
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