Korey Wise Innocence Project

Korey Wise Innocence Project

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The Korey Wise Innocence Project (KWIP) is a law clinic at the University of Colorado Law School, Boulder that provides free investigative and legal services to people serving time in Colorado prisons for crimes they did not commit.  KWIP receives requests for help from people who believe they have been convicted despite being innocent of any offense, and evaluates these claims to see if there are factual and legal grounds to get back into court with the claims. When the KWIP learns of a case that appears deserving of further investigation, the case is referred for further evaluation to volunteer lawyers, who may be assisted by Colorado Law students. KWIP’s staff also mentors law students and undergraduate students in both the legal and advocacy work of the project. People claiming innocence can apply to KWIP for help. They screen applications carefully and then select the most promising ones for investigation and litigation. KWIP is also actively engaged in policy work to prevent wrongful convictions at the front end. In 2021, KWIP launched a new racial justice program that strives to connect more deeply with the communities that have been affected by this racial injustice.

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