Lawrence County, IL Public Defender’s Office

Lawrence County, IL Public Defender’s Office

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The Lawrence County Public Defender’s Office is located in Lawrenceville, Illinois. With one public defender, the office serves indigent clients throughout Lawrence County. The mission of the Public Defender’s Office is to ensure that Lawrence’s indigent defense team has the guidance and support necessary to provide effective and zealous client representation to those who cannot afford private counsel. They operate without political considerations or the influence of private interests. The Lawrence Public Defender Council is an independent agency within the State of Illinois executive branch. They provide zealous, effective, and ethical legal representation to qualifying low-income residents who have been accused of a crime. As an organization, they strive every day to fulfill the US Constitution’s obligation to defend their clients against any criminal charges the state brings. If the court has assigned a public defender to your case in Lawrence County, please contact the office head in the respective county for assistance.
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