Levy & Gilchrist counties, FL Public Defender’s Office

Levy & Gilchrist counties, FL Public Defender’s Office

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The Eighth Judicial Circuit of Florida provides public defender services to the counties of Alachua, Baker, Bradgord, Gilchrist, Levy and Union. Levy and Gilchrist counties share one public defender office located in Bronson, Florida and serves adults and minors who are charged with crimes. The district has one Chief Public Defender, one Chief Assistant Public Defender and numerous support staff to assist clients. Public defenders ensure that indigent clients who cannot afford private counsel have access to quality defense services. Individuals must request a public defender from the court, after which the judge will appoint one. Public defenders are not legally able to work with clients until they have been officially appointed by the judge in their district. Once appointed, defense attorneys are able to provide legal representation and advice on a variety of cases ranging from felony charges to capital crimes, as well as misdemeanors. They may also assist clients with charges related to immigrant status and nonviolent crimes. All services provided by public defenders are rendered at no charge to clients or their loved ones.
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