Lewisburg Prison Project, Inc.

Lewisburg Prison Project, Inc.

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The Lewisburg (LBG) Prison Project is a Pennsylvania-based organization that provides free legal advice, assistance, and representation for civil cases related to the conditions of confinement for people who are or were incarcerated in Pennsylvania. The Project’s mission is to ensure that the local prisons are operating humanely and according to law. They also send informational materials and referrals to people incarcerated in Pennsylvania and across the United States. ​The Lewisburg Prison Project works in conjunction with the Pennsylvania Institutional Law Project. The Lewisburg office focuses on the Middle District of Pennsylvania and on federal prisons throughout Pennsylvania. The Lewisburg Prison Project cannot assist with criminal cases, including sentencing, parole, or early release. The principle on which the project runs is that incarcerated people have incontestable human and constitutional rights.​ The LBG Prison Project’s website provides resources for incarcerated people and their loved ones such as LPP Legal Bulletins and ACLU Know Your Rights Fact Sheets. If you have a question regarding prisoners’ rights or conditions of confinement, please write or email the Lewisburg Prison Project.

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