Loudoun County Re-Entry Advisory Council

Loudoun County Re-Entry Advisory Council

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The Loudoun County Re-Entry Advisory Council is a government agency that offers reintegration services to justice impacted individuals. This coalition of government agencies, nonprofits and community partners all work together to promote their mission of public safety and crime reduction by providing essential reentry support services to individuals in need. The Council recognizes the need for a transition process that addresses the survival needs and skill-based services for at-risk populations. Ultimately, the goal is that clients are successfully prepared for the transition from jail to home. Justice-impacted individuals and their families are provided with all the information they need to address their challenges when returning to the community including programs, support services, community resources, employment opportunities, and emergency assistance for things like food, utilities, housing, medical, and more that will help in the rebuilding process. Contact Loudoun County Re-Entry Advisory Council directly for answers to any questions and more information on their reentry services.
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