Loudoun Free Clinic

Loudoun Free Clinic

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Loudoun Free Clinic (LFC) is a community-based medical service provider with a mission to support healthcare services for Loudoun County residents who, as a result of economic or other barriers, would otherwise do without. They coordinate visits, medications, tests, surgeries, and often transportation for thousands of people struggling with emergency, acute and chronic medical conditions. LFC ensures that all treatments are provided at no cost to their patients. They also provide primary care including diabetes management and women’s health, Sick Visit Appointments, Non-Narcotic Prescription Medications, Referrals, Diagnostic labs and imaging. When medically necessary, LFC refers Loudoun Free Clinic patients for medical and surgical specialty care. Outside providers may require you to apply for their charity care programs,  which LFC staff will help you navigate. They also have charitable volunteers who see and treat LFC’s patients both at the clinic and from their own offices. If you need medical aid please contact the LFC at the given contact details.

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