Maricopa County’s Smart Justice Program

Maricopa County’s Smart Justice Program

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Maricopa County’s Smart Justice Program is designed to help those with criminal justice backgrounds find employment. Smart Justice can help you by providing one on one career guidance, resume and interview support, coaching on how to explain convictions during the interview process, connecting you with employers, providing job leads, job training, and more. Under the guidance of Maricopa County Justice, the County’s Criminal Justice Coordinating Council, and its sub‐committee, the Smart Justice Council, criminal justice partners are individually and collaboratively promoting evidence-based practices targeting recidivism reduction. The objectives are fairly straightforward. Based upon the Risk‐Need‐Responsivity (RNR) model, individuals in the justice system who are moderate-to-high risk to commit new offenses are targeted for treatment and interventions that are effective in reducing recidivism. Alternately, individuals who are at low risk to reoffending are managed in a manner that minimizes contact with the justice system and preserves pro‐social factors (e.g., employment, school, family, etc.). For more information on the services provided by Maricopa County Smart Justice Program, please contact them directly.
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