Mental Health Advocacy Services

Mental Health Advocacy Services

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Mental Health Advocacy Services (MHAS) is a nonprofit organization established in 1977. Its mission is to protect and advance the legal rights of low-income adults and children with mental health disabilities and empower them to assert those rights to maximize their autonomy, achieve equity, and secure the resources they need to thrive. Mental Health Advocacy Services Launched “Project New Start.” It offers comprehensive job placement, mental health, and legal assistance program for those who have previously been incarcerated and live in South Los Angeles. MHAS was developed to help people with mental health issues who have been involved in the criminal justice system overcome employment difficulties. To help program participants who were formerly incarcerated find employment, Painted Brain and MHAS personnel work together to provide them with tailored employment support programs. By offering legal assistance and advocacy in expungement, employment, housing, and criminal justice debt. Please contact them directly for more information on the services this organization provides.
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