Middle Ground Prison Reform

Middle Ground Prison Reform

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Middle Ground Prison Reform is a non-profit organization that provides legislative advocacy to ensure and clarify the rights and responsibilities of people incarcerated in Arizona county jails and the state prison system. They support dedicated rehabilitation efforts which promote successful reentry, family stability, and public safety. Middle Ground Prison Reform works toward government accountability and the targeted use of tax dollars meant to support justice-impacted people, thus improving justice-related institutions in Arizona. They provide information to the public, advocate for legal protections, and offer referrals to social services for individuals. Middle Ground Prison Reform envisions itself as a clearinghouse for information relevant to incarcerated individuals in the Arizona justice system and their supporters. Overall, Middle Ground Prison Reform supports genuine efforts at rehabilitation of criminal offenders, which, in turn, fully restore them to our communities, promotes family stability, authentic long-term public safety, and reduces the number of crime victims in our society. 

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