Mobile County, AL Public Defender’s Office

Mobile County, AL Public Defender’s Office

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The Mobile County Public Defender’s Office is the main public defender office for Mobile County, Alabama. With one public defender, one chief deputy public defender, two deputy public defenders, three senior trial attorneys, and 21 trial attorneys on staff, the Mobile County office seeks to provide client-centered representation to individuals accused of crimes who cannot afford an attorney. They believe in the presumption of innocence, the right to a fair trial, and that all individuals are entitled to legal representation regardless of their ability to pay. The Mobile office represents its clients at all stages of their legal proceedings, starting at arraignment and ending at sentencing. During this time, the office team works diligently to provide its clients with the best legal representation available by connecting clients with social services, investigating and challenging police narratives, protecting clients’ rights, and ensuring they are guaranteed a fair trial. For more information on the Mobile County Public Defender’s Office, please contact them directly.
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