Montana Innocence Project

Montana Innocence Project

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Montana Innocence Project is a non-profit legal aid organization that works to free the innocent and prevent wrongful and unjust convictions in Montana. Montana Innocence Project provides free legal services to innocent Montanans and achieves its mission through a combination of free legal assistance, education, and policy work. Law students participate in their legal clinic each year and gain practical legal advocacy skills and had the opportunity to fight for the innocent. In addition to freeing the innocent from prison, they work to prevent wrongful convictions by remedying root causes, improving laws, and advocating for criminal, racial, and social justice in Montana. They host events, campaigns, distribute newsletters about advocacy and their legal work relating to wrongful conviction. The person requesting assistance must be convicted in Montana or a federal court. Currently, the project is restricting its services to felony cases based on a practical matter. Therefore, in most cases, a misdemeanor applicant’s sentence will have expired long before the conviction would be overturned. 

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