My Sister’s Keeper

My Sister’s Keeper

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My Sister’s Keeper is a network of volunteers who help with reentering the community and disrupting the cycle of recidivism through a positive mentor relationship and by offering concrete materials and necessary services. My Sister’s Keeper’s mission is to provide positive, healthy support for formerly incarcerated individuals during reentry. This faith-based organization offers donated furniture, clothing, basic hygiene items, and monetary assistance to women newly released from the Cumberland County Jail. The program works primarily in partnership with the Maine Department of Corrections and the Cumberland County Jail, but also assist community members experiencing difficulty after release due to criminal conviction. Though the organization has a relatively small budget, their dedicated volunteers make it possible to support those existing the Cumberland County Jail system and work toward sustained, self-sufficient living. Individuals can contact the organization in person or through the website for more information, or to discuss potential assistance during the reentry process.
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