Native American Reentry Services

Native American Reentry Services

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Native American Reentry Services, or NARS, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping Native people as overcome the challenge of incarceration and reenter the community post-incarceration. Their mission is to address barriers faced by Native people who find themselves struggling to transition from a life of incarceration to one of healthy and productive freedom. NARS uses Native American/Aboriginal traditional means as a means to reduce recidivism and support successful reintegration in Native American/Aboriginal reservation and urban communities. Their Iron House Medicine program is a religious contract with the WA State Dept. of Corrections. This program offers a medicine wheel and 12-step for men and women curriculum to provide a way for the Hoop members to address mental, spiritual, emotional and physical challenges using cultural and traditional practices endorsed by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. They also provide bimonthly sweat lodges, drum & dance circles and teachings. The sweat lodge is a ceremony that allows spiritual, emotional, mental and physical healing. In addition, the Powwows are held annually at all 12 prisons statewide. Family members, guest elders, drummers, and dancers come together to celebrate with the incarcerated brothers and sisters. NARS also offers a HEAL for Reentry program that focuses on supporting the native people returning home through community resources, and cultural and traditional connections. Contact Native American Reentry Services directly for more information on their services.
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