New Beginnings Northwest Arkansas, Inc.

New Beginnings Northwest Arkansas, Inc.

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New Beginnings Northwest Arkansas is a nonprofit organization that serves their community for the benefit of the under-resourced, vulnerable, and exploited residents of Northwest Arkansas. This initiative was created with the ultimate goal of ending homelessness through a self-managed Bridge Housing community for people in need of shelter. They welcome struggling individuals who have experienced long-term homelessness or face complex barriers to regaining housing into a safe and supportive living environment. Their program promotes physical, mental, spiritual well-being while providing housing-focused support in an effort to help each person gain independence and move into a place of their own. Additionally, they advocate for the expansion of supportive housing options in the community and join efforts that promote housing justice. This “Housing First” approach aids in quickly and successfully connecting individuals and families experiencing homelessness to permanent housing with few preconditions and barriers. For more information on the services offered by this organization, please contact them directly.
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