Non-Secure Programs, Inc.

Non-Secure Programs, Inc.

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Non-Secure Programs, Inc. is a collaborative partnership with the Florida Department of Corrections designed to support individuals on probation and parole. The program that was founded to offer intervention for those Probation or Community Control individuals who are having difficulty with alcohol or drug abuse and require a greater intensity of treatment than outpatient counseling can provide. The Department of Corrections contracts with local agencies to offer these services at the community level. The program consists of a two-month intensive treatment component, then a four-month employment/reentry component. Combining group and individual counseling, as well as family education services in a low-risk setting, the program works to provide the structure and discipline necessary to motivate individuals toward personal growth while keeping in mind the security and accountability requirements that are necessary to meet our responsibility to the courts and our host communities. For more information, contact Non-Secure Programs, Inc. directly.
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