North Carolina Center on Actual Innocence

North Carolina Center on Actual Innocence

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The North Carolina Center on Actual Innocence oversees Innocence Projects at North Carolina law schools and provides legal services to indigent, unrepresented North Carolina incarcerated people claiming factual innocence. The Center coordinates the review and investigation of cases by law student volunteers, allowing the students to work on real cases; learn from the past work of other attorneys; develop organizational, analytical, professional, and ethical skills; appreciate the value of providing pro bono services. Only credible claims that are supported by new and reliable evidence of innocence are pursued through collaboration with prosecution or litigation. The Center not only reviews all prisoner’s claims sent to North Carolina law school Innocence Projects but also receives claims forwarded from legislators, journalists, defense attorneys, and others involved in the criminal justice system. Each prisoner receives a response. If an incarcerated person’s claim warrants further review but is not consistent with the Center’s mission, the Center refers him or her to the appropriate agency or resource.

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