North Carolina Prisoner Legal Services, Inc.

North Carolina Prisoner Legal Services, Inc.

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North Carolina Prisoner Legal Services (NCPLS) is a non-profit law firm. The mission of NCPLS is to provide legal services to people incarcerated in North Carolina to ensure that all incarcerated people are treated humanely and in accordance with the law. NCPLS’ attorneys are not allowed inside prisons except as part of a prearranged tour, so there are many things they can learn about only from their clients. Although they cannot provide representation to every prisoner who writes to them, they respond to every inquiry they receive and try to keep track of recurring complaints so they can identify and concentrate on areas of broad concern. NCPLS post-conviction attorneys evaluate claims regarding the validity of an incarcerated person’s conviction or sentence and work to correct any errors either informally or through litigation. NCPLS civil attorneys evaluate potential civil rights claims. These claims include the use of force by prison staff; dangerous prison conditions; inadequate medical care; religious freedom; and free speech issues. In the absence of representation, NCPLS provides legal advice and self-help packets on post-conviction and civil issues. That way, NCPLS strives to provide legal services of the highest quality in an efficient and effective way.

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