Hawaii Office of the Ombudsman

Hawaii Office of the Ombudsman

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The Hawaii Office of the Ombudsman is a state-run organization tasked with conducting independent investigations into state agencies and employees. Though an official agency, the Office of the Ombudsman conducts its investigations with bias and views its role as an essential part of maintaining integrity throughout the executive branch of the Hawaii state government. Investigators acquire information as necessary based on reports and make recommendations for corrective action when necessary. The Office of the Ombudsman does not have the power to enforce or compel mandatory changes within an agency, but investigations and recommendations are public record and may be used in criminal complaints. Individuals who would like to file a complaint about a state agency or employee, including correctional facilities and/or prison staff, should contact the Office of the Ombudsman directly by phone, mail or by visiting the physical office in Honolulu. The more information individuals provide, the more thorough an investigation can occur.

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