Old Skool Cafe, Youth Restaurant Training Program

Old Skool Cafe, Youth Restaurant Training Program

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Old Skool Cafe is a community based company focused on empowering at risk youth to work and run every level of a business. The cafe is entirely run by young people ages 16 – 22. Employees receive training on every role at the restaurant, including: hosts, servers, chefs and entertainers. The goal of the company is to provide youth with valuable life skills while also offering a concrete alternative to break the cycle of generational poverty and incarceration. Working at Old Skool Cafe empowers young people who may have few opportunities for self-sufficient or financial security, reducing the risk of homelessness and offering employees a supportive community of peers. Employees follow a specific path when they join the company, beginning with restaurant and life skills training, then participating in advanced apprenticeship and moving into positions of leadership. For more information about Old Skool Cafe, contact the company using the information on this page.
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