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OneJustice is a collaborative network of lawyers and law students who are dedicated to improving access to equitable justice. The organization was developed as an innovation lab that developed various initiatives to serve the community, including the Justice Bus Project, the Rural Justice Collaborative and IMPACT LA. OneJustice is staffed by a team of attorneys, fundraisers, writers and project coordinators who work in tandem to conceptualize and actualize change making programs in the community. Additionally, OneJustice facilitates pro bono legal services offered by volunteer lawyers to ensure that everyone has access to a quality defense in court. They aim to serve underrepresented and low-income populations who may otherwise face barriers to justice. Californians for Legal Aid, another of their programs, advocates for increased funding of nonprofit organizations supporting underserved communities. For more information about specific programing or to request assistance, individuals should contact OneJustice using the information provided on their website.
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