Orange County Restorative Justice

Orange County Restorative Justice

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The Orange County Restorative Justice Center, or OCRJC, is a social service organization that uses restorative programs to address legal issues, wrongdoing, conflict, and the needs of harmed parties. OCRJC aims to streamline access to services that improve individuals’ and the community’s health, well-being and positive behavior. They offer Community Reentry Programs through Circles of Support and Accountability, which is a restorative program offered to individuals returning to the community after a term of incarceration. Restorative Reentry Services are also offered to individuals returning to the community after a period of incarceration. Services include assistance with housing, employment, substance use treatment, mental health services, navigating community programs, and reconnecting with family members. OCRJC’s Reparative Panels are a restorative alternative to traditional probation for adults convicted of a crime. If an individual completes the agreement, they become eligible for discharge from probation. If an individual fails to complete the agreement, the case is returned to the criminal court for further sentencing. Contact the Orange County Restorative Justice Center directly to learn more about their services.
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