Orleans Public Defenders

Orleans Public Defenders

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The Orleans Public Defenders (OPD) protect innocence, defend the constitution, demand justice, and hold power accountable. Staff Attorneys zealously defend clients against criminal charges in Criminal, Municipal and Traffic, and Juvenile Court immediately following an arrest all the way through sentencing and post-conviction. Investigators search for, collect and preserve evidence, locate and interview witnesses, and work alongside the attorneys throughout the duration of the case. Special Litigation attorneys continually bring cases in state and federal district courts, the court of appeal, Louisiana and U.S. Supreme Courts, the Louisiana legislature, and the City of New Orleans in order to create systematic reform on behalf of OPD and its clients. Mental Health attorneys represent clients dealing with mental health difficulties ranging from minor to severe, to ensure they receive adequate and appropriate treatment for illnesses and consideration by the courts. These highly specialized attorneys represent clients pretrial to establish competency to stand trial, as well as post-commitment proceedings and revocation hearings, and in matters relating to persons found not guilty by reason of insanity.

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