Palm Beach County, FL Public Defender’s Glades Office

Palm Beach County, FL Public Defender’s Glades Office

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The Palm Beach County Public Defender’s Glades Office is located in Belle Glades, Florida. With one public defender, over one hundred attorneys and other support staff members the Public Defender’s office represents individuals charged in felony, misdemeanor and juvenile cases are represented at the trial level. The Glades County Public Defender’s Office commits to zealously protect and defend the rights of poor people whose lives and liberty are at stake and is charged with the responsibility of upholding the constitutional rights of indigent persons to quality legal representation, fair treatment and equal justice. The office provides legal representation in specialty courts like drug court, mental health court and veteran court. The Public Defender’s Office routinely participates in collaborative efforts in our community to assist in sealing and expunging of eligible criminal records and the restoration of Civil Rights lost with a felony conviction. For any clarification on the services of the Glades County Public Defender’s Office, reach out to them using the contact information provided here.
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