Parents for Parents Program

Parents for Parents Program

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Parents for Parents Program is a King County Superior Court program offered to parents whose children have been removed from their care by Child Protective Services (CPS) or whose children are in an in-home dependency. This program connects “Parent Allies” (parents who have successfully navigated the juvenile dependency system) with parents who are new to the system. Parent Allies provide support and help parents new to the system understand what they must do to reunite with their children successfully. The program consists of three main elements: Parent Ally Support at Dependency Court Hearings, a two-hour educational class called Dependency 101, and an ongoing support class called Dependency 201 and Dependency 301. During the first 72-Hour Shelter Care Hearing, a Parent Ally meets with parents before they go into court and helps them understand that others have been through this process, reminding them that this process is doable and reunification is possible. This encourages parents to engage in the dependency process and work with professionals. Contact the program supervisor or coordinator at Parents for Parents Program directly for more information on their services.
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