Penal Law Project

Penal Law Project

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The Penal Law Project is an initiative led by the Community Legal Information Clinic (CLIC) that is a legal studies program of the Political Science and Criminal Justice Departments, run by the California State University, Chico. CLIC provides free legal information, not legal advice. The Penal Law Project assists incarcerated individuals in state and federal prison facilities located throughout the United States by providing legal information upon request. The Project also provides persons incarcerated in correctional facilities with legal information pertaining to correctional injustices, sentencing, probation, parole, pardons, certificates of rehabilitation, expungement, medical records and appeals. They provide the information the incarcerated person has requested to aid them in their representation. The project provides two types of information: when provided with a citation, they can send you the text of case law, a statute, or a regulation. When provided with a general question, the project team can only provide a general summary of the law pertaining to the legal issue. They are not lawyers and cannot represent you.

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