People Advancing Reintegration – Recycle Works

People Advancing Reintegration – Recycle Works

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People Advancing Reintegration – Recycle Works, or PAR Recycle Works is a non-profit electronics recycler that provides transitional employment to individuals returning from prison. This company deconstructs electronics and destroys data to generate revenue and pay their employees. In addition to transitional employment, PAR-Recycle Works partners with employers that are willing to hire returning citizens that have developed essential job skills and are ready to move to full-time, gainful employment. PAR Recycle Works believes that meaningful employment is one of the best crime deterrents. Program participants can expect to learn vitally important life skills and professional training that assist them in returning to the full-time workforce. By having and maintaining a steady job and a source of income, participants are able to transition back into society at a much higher rate of success. Overall, PAR-Recycle Works seeks to help returning citizens re-enter society, recycle E-Waste, save the planet, and help the community to grow. For more information on their programs contact PAR-Recycle Works directly.

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