Philadelphia OIC Young Adult Reentry Program

Philadelphia OIC Young Adult Reentry Program

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Philadelphia OIC is an agency dedicated to the elimination of poverty, unemployment, and illiteracy through education and job training. Under the philosophical banner of “Helping People Help Themselves”, OIC has been moving people from welfare to work, from tax dependent to taxpayer, and from homelessness to homeownership. Additionally, Philadelphia OIC offers services to individuals over 18 years old who have had contact with the criminal justice system and reside in designated high-poverty, high-crime communities in the Philadelphia area. These services, dispersed through the Young Adult Reentry Program, are aimed primarily towards 18-24-year-olds who have or have had some form of criminal justice involvement. The goal of the Young Adult Reentry Program is to help justice-involved individuals make successful transitions back to the community. Some of the services provided to achieve this goal include educational training, vocational training, career readiness, job placement assistance, and more. If you or someone you know is in need of reentry assistance in the Philadelphia area, Philadelphia OIC can be contacted via the links provided.

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