Phoenix Youth and Family Services

Phoenix Youth and Family Services

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Phoenix Youth and Family Services offers safe pathways and strong supports for young people in the Arkansas Delta. For over 25 years, Phoenix has worked to navigate historic and systemic inequities in resources, power and opportunity. In addition to their commitment to helping young people, they assist and collaborate with families, local school districts, law enforcement agencies, the court system, local businesses, and faith based groups to create supportive networks that are rooted in the home communities they serve in rural, southeastern Arkansas. Their mission is to provide services that are designed to help youth avoid contact, or further contact, with the justice system. Some of those services include assessment, drug screening, case management, intervention classes, and electronic monitoring. The Arkansas Delta hinges upon youth having the skills and opportunities they need to secure meaningful, well-paid work, so they created a workforce development program geared towards teaching young people how to succeed in jobs and continue ongoing career learning.
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