Prison Families Alliance

Prison Families Alliance

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Prison Families Alliance’s (PFA) helps the family and friends of incarcerated people by focusing to organize meetings for those who are left behind when a loved one is taken into the prison system. PFA helps the friends and family to move past the stigma and connect with others having similar experiences. Because of meeting and sharing with each other, the group is able to contend with the public’s criticisms and educate themselves into a supportive community. This supportive community relieves the feelings of hopelessness and negativity and turns their feelings of love into a positive forward movement. The group exchange ideas, educate each other on problems and possible solutions and help each other maintain a healthy mindset during a difficult time. PFA allows kids of incarcerated people to talk to kid-to-kid. There are two kids groups, ages 5-10 and 11-17 years old.

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