Prison Yoga Chicago

Prison Yoga Chicago

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Prison Yoga Chicago provides trauma-informed Yoga programming as a rehabilitative tool and a form of social activism for individuals impacted by the criminal legal system. Their vision is to reduce recidivism & facilitate growth by sharing the practices of Yoga. Prison Yoga Chicago shares resourceful tools with their students so that they can use both on and off the mat exercises including breath work, mindfulness & intention-setting. They use educational tools both in and out of prison & jail settings to encourage self-actualization, awareness, and accountability as well as collective & social responsibility for its members. Prison Yoga Chicago operates within the current legal system in order to support those who are incarcerated today, but also advocates for a reformed vision for correctional facilities– one centered around rehabilitation, safety, and equitable treatment for all. They operate based on a few core principles that help solidify the rehabilitation of justice-impacted individuals, including respect, self-responsibility and empowerment, authenticity and integrity, compassion and inclusion, and accountability. Contact Prison Yoga Chicago directly for more information on their programs and services.

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