Prisoners For Christ

Prisoners For Christ

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Prisoners For Christ (PFC) is a faith-based prison ministry housed at Woodinville, Washington. During Covid times, PFC provides Bible studies and church services in all fifty states through video production and distribution. The Literature Distribution ministry provides the bible and other resources to incarcerated people on their request. Their Bible Study Correspondence School (BCS) is a ministry that serves incarcerated people who wish to learn more about God and His Word. At the end of school, incarcerated people are sent a Certificate of Completion when they complete each Unit and a gift when they complete the entire curriculum. The Pen Pal program provides a ministry of friendship, mentoring, and encouragement to incarcerated people. With a goal to have incarcerated people encourage other incarcerated people in their faith. PFC prints copies of Yard Out – a newspaper compiled entirely of incarcerated people’s submissions like art, poetry, and testimonies from all over the United States. Each copy of Yard Out is handled by an estimated five incarcerated people each due to the nature of passing information behind bars.

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