R.O.A.R – Residential Options for Adolescents in Recovery

R.O.A.R – Residential Options for Adolescents in Recovery

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The Residential Options for Adolescents in Recovery (R.O.A.R.) program is a residential treatment program for at-risk youth aged 13-17 with a history of or current abuse of opioids or stimulants. Juvenile Courts, a Division of Child and Family Services, may refer youth to DYS for placement with a substance abuse treatment provider or prevention specialist for an assessment. ROAR clinicians also assess eligible youth and, if found to meet specific criteria, will invite youth to participate in a 90-day residential program at no cost to the child or their family. After completing the residential part of the program, youth will receive six months of aftercare. That will include support from peers who have successfully recovered, practical strategies they can use to prevent a recurrence, and follow-up therapy services. Participants receive treatment five days per week, individual therapy, monthly family therapy sessions, daily group meetings, opportunities for therapeutic gardening on campus, vocational exploration, life skills training, and educational services, including health and addiction courses. Daily structured exercise, healthy foods, and recovery lifestyle planning are also part of treatment. Please contact the organization directly for more information on the services provided.
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