Re-entry Mediation

Re-entry Mediation

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Re-entry Mediation provides an opportunity for justice impacted individuals and their family members (or other support people) to meet, with the help of a non-judgmental mediator, prior to release in order to have an open, honest, and often difficult dialogue to prepare for reintegration back into their communities. The mission of Re-entry Meditation is to create a space for formerly incarcerated individuals to talk about their experiences, be heard by each other, and establish a plan on how to move forward productively before the individual is released from prison. Re-entry mediation has worked to decrease the chance of arrest post-release, with additional mediation sessions further decreasing the probability of arrest. Re-entry meditation creates and renews relationships between formerly incarcerated people and their families. Re-entry Meditation opens the doors to the resources that surround the community, strengthens these connections, and allows for collaborative transition planning. Contact Re-entry Meditation directly for more information on their services.
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