Reclaiming Futures National Program Office

Reclaiming Futures National Program Office

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Reclaiming Futures is a nationwide program focused on the behavioral health needs of young people and promoting juvenile justice. They partner with local community leaders to provide evidence-based treatment services that incorporate multi-system collaboration, positive youth development and strategies for addressing racial disparities in juvenile justice. Reclaiming Futures works with community organizers across the country to develop local services that address the unique needs of young people in the region. All partners and affiliates implement the 6-step model developed by Reclaiming Futures to ensure support for youth in every locale. Current programs include Here to Help, an online public health screening tool for young people and their families, and My Kid’s Voice, a program designed to help parents identify and support the unique needs of their children during times of crisis. Individuals can contact the national office for information or to discuss available services in their region.

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