Reed Smith’s Justice for Prisoners

Reed Smith’s Justice for Prisoners

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Reed Smith is a global law firm that believes that the practice of law has the power to drive progress. Reed Smith Justice for Prisoners Pro Bono work aims to help incarcerated people in the United States. The firm’s attorneys work on death sentences cases, towards juvenile justice, and for incarcerated women. Reed Smith’s lawyers fight for pregnant incarcerated women from the prior inhumane practice of placing pregnant incarcerated women into solitary confinement for minor failures to follow rules. A team of Reed Smith’s European lawyers assists individuals facing the death penalty in the United States by providing a legal casework service to Amicus such as preparation and key investigation, unearthing information that otherwise would have been lost, which directly assists American lawyers in defending such cases. They also provide free legal advice to adult prisoners in England and Wales; and work with the Prisoners’ Advice Service, an organization in answering queries about prison rules and prison laws.

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