Reentry Simulation

Reentry Simulation

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Reentry Simulation simulates the struggles and challenges faced by individuals who are transitioning from incarceration back into society. The mission of Reentry Simulation is for individuals to gain an understanding of the obstacles faced by men and women attempting to navigate through the system upon their release from incarceration. The process that Reentry Simulation creates allows for individuals to gain visibility into the perspectives of the returning citizens. Reentry Simulation wants to represent a realistic culture of what formerly incarcerated individuals face when coming home. This organization is open to all individuals who are trying to reenter society and make a difference. They hope to develop a more supportive and informed community that works in collaboration with formally incarcerated individuals so that all members have an opportunity for permanent, self-sufficient living outside the corrections system. Reentry Simulation works to disrupt the cycle of incarceration by motivating community members to create more inclusive and supportive opportunities for justice-impacted people.
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