Rehabilitation Enables Dreams (RED)

Rehabilitation Enables Dreams (RED)

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RED is committed to keeping individuals out of the criminal justice system for good through programs that improve the social, civic, financial, and digital literacy of participants referred to court. RED creates a learning atmosphere inside the courtroom and approaches all program participants as learners rather than criminals. RED’s curriculum is designed to enhance a student’s social, civic, and financial literacy through task-oriented learning, engaging workshops, and interactive educational modules. Students are partnered with selected mentors based on their individual-needs intake assessment. Mentors support students in their educational development and assist them in the completion of program requirements. Upon graduation, students’ criminal records are expunged and they receive referrals to higher education institutions and/or employment opportunities. Through RED, individuals have the opportunity to change their trajectory in life and work toward a permanent career. For more information about specific services or program eligibility, contact the organization directly using the information on this page.
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