RICARES (Rhode Island Communities for Addiction Recovery Efforts, Inc.)

RICARES (Rhode Island Communities for Addiction Recovery Efforts, Inc.)

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Rhode Island Communities for Addiction Recovery Efforts (RICARES) is a community-based group serving individuals with chemical dependence. Their mission is to develop a community that is socially equitable for those who are directly impacted by addiction through advocacy and community action. RICARES has a vision that all individuals who require support during recovery and treatment for chemical dependence will have access to the resources and services that ensure their success. They work with recovery centers around the state to certify those spaces and guarantee that residents receive high quality, effective care in a wholly supportive environment. Their advocacy program seeks to effect change by working with stakeholders and community leaders to combat social stigma around chemical dependence and provide more socially just policies for community members. They also partner with Parent Support Network to train individuals in peer support for those in recovery and develop community relationships that ensure individuals receive support before, during and after treatment for chemical dependence.
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