Rocky Mountain Innocence Center

Rocky Mountain Innocence Center

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Rocky Mountain Innocence Center (RMIC) is the Innocence Network affiliate covering Utah, Nevada, and Wyoming and is the only nonprofit organization in this region providing pro bono post-conviction innocence investigation and litigation services to those who have been wrongfully convicted. Each post-conviction claim of innocence is carefully vetted and screened by RMIC staff and the Case Oversight Committee before acceptance. Each accepted case is thoroughly investigated for any evidence of innocence that was unavailable at the time of trial. The investigation of these cases takes anywhere from two years to decades to complete. If new evidence of innocence is discovered the case enters the litigation stage where RMIC and cooperating counsel have the burden of proving factual innocence. A finding of factual innocence expunges the exoneree’s record, entitles the individual to compensation for years of wrongful incarceration (in Utah and Nevada, not yet in Wyoming), and reunites the victim of wrongful conviction with their family and friends.

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