San Diego Clean Slate Clinic

San Diego Clean Slate Clinic

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The San Diego Clean Slate Clinic is a volunteer-driven, community-based organization that provides free post-conviction legal assistance to individuals who continue to be affected by the criminal justice system. They are committed to empowering individuals to rise above and beyond their past and to educating and engaging the community around the collateral consequences of the criminal justice system. The clinic provides free legal assistance with expungements, early termination of probation, and felony reductions to misdemeanors. They may also assist with Prop 47 and Prop 64. The Clean Slate Clinic has partnered with Community Livescan Services to provide discounted fingerprinting services on-site at the Clinic and at Livescan Only events. They may be able to assist you if you have California Convictions (Adult only), are not on parole, served at least half of probation, not currently charged with a new offense. They provide legal information, not legal advice. They also do not represent participants in court. Participants are responsible for filling court forms with the appropriate courts.

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