Santa Cruz Barrios Unidos

Santa Cruz Barrios Unidos

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Santa Cruz Barrios Unidos is a community based organization focused on improving social justice for multicultural communities. Their mission is to promote nonviolence, financial equity, cultural healing, civic engagement and community leadership. The organization maintains numerous programs to assist individuals raising from elementary aged youth to the elderly, including justice involved individuals. The Prison Project actively advocates for corrections reform to improve the cultural, spiritual and physical health of incarcerated people. They work directly with incarcerated individuals through this program while also promoting policy reform with community leaders. Santa Cruz Barrios Unidos also operates reentry programs for adults who returning to the community after incarceration. Their programs are approved by state parole and probation boards, and they focus on culturally responsive support services. Juvenile programs include: job development, cultural studies, gang deterrence, family reunification and community involvement. For more information, individuals should contact the organization directly using the information on this page.
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