Seattle Clemency Project

Seattle Clemency Project

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Seattle Clemency Project is a pro bono legal service provider, with a mission to increase access to justice for reformed individuals serving sentences that no longer serve a purpose and to prevent deportations that fracture our communities. The project increases access to justice by matching people seeking early release from prison and those facing deportation due to old criminal convictions with free, high-quality, legal representation. They represent individuals who committed crimes decades ago and have changed their lives for the better. Their current scope of work includes three types of cases – early release from prison, Juvenile Board (ISRB) and Immigrant- post-conviction relief. They also help each client work through their comprehensive reentry plans, connect them with other service providers as needed, teach a financial empowerment case and host bi-weekly mentoring group sessions. The Reentry & Mentoring Program provides Seattle Clemency Project clients with holistic reentry and transition support to promote their long-term success.

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