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SecurTel helps save money on calls to incarcerated people by connecting your phone to the lowest cost per minute area codes your prison facility charges. Every US prison charges different rates for local and long-distance jail calls. With SecurTel, they set you up with lowest rate. When an incarcerated person calls the special jail call phone number they provide, the call is forwarded to your phone. They do not place a call or minute limits on your SecurTel Jail Phone Number. Your jail facility charges you separately for your “in jail” talk time. SecurTel is not affiliated in any manner with the jail facilities. They have no control over jail facility phone rates or policies. If the incarcerated person you are trying to reach hasn’t signed up to call you or doesn’t know how then you can send them a postcard for $0.52 each. You can also send your loved one text or images using their online software. You can give a special SecurTel jail call phone number to your loved one. To make calls, the incarcerated person must submit your name and phone number for approval at their facility. If approved, the incarcerated person can call your phone number. These calls are expensive and sometimes cost $10 or more per minute. SecurTel helps you get the lowest cost per minute for your calls with a special jail phone number. To get started, create an account with SecurTel, tell them the facility you are trying to reach, and give the phone number they provide to your incarcerated loved one. They also provide postcard sending services via their website.

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