SKIP Community Resource Services, Inc.

SKIP Community Resource Services, Inc.

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SKIP (Supporting Kids Of Incarcerated Parents) Community Resource Services Inc. provides support services to children of incarcerated parents and their families and to increase public awareness of the underlying problems of these children as victims through education, advocacy and research. The monthly Saturday morning program for children of incarcerated parents (CIPs) and caregivers provides helpful information about community services, self-help programs, local resources and support for CIPs and their families. It also provides activities and learnings that enhance the development of socio-academic and decision-making skills for CIPs and their adult caregivers.

The W.R.A.P.S. afterschool Remediation and Acceleration program providing computer-based tutoring in writing, reading, arithmetic, performance and social skills and science. For one full week in the summer, teens develop and improve socio-academic skills.

The (kindness, assertiveness, responsibility, abstinence, tolerance, empathy and respect) KARATER is a group field trip to an amusement park, beach, museum, or historic site. Caregivers, siblings and staff may attend. Monthly projects include outings to various locations for photoshoots. SKIP students become peer mentors during onsite. They provide essential knowledge for adult life–verbal and writing skills, interpersonal relationships, problem-solving, creativity and techniques for good family living. Skills such as cooking, washing dishes and clothes, ironing, grocery shopping, paying bills, making change, and etc. are taught within a classroom setting. SKIP also helps in career development and receives coaching and encouragement from staff to help CIPs cope with separation from their parent(s). 

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