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Sound is a Washington-based community-led organization that provides quality mental health and addiction treatment services. Sound’s mission is to strengthen the community and improve the lives of its clients by delivering excellent health and human services tailored to meet their needs. Sound provides comprehensive recovery-oriented outpatient counseling and case management for King County residents experiencing current mental health symptoms, including specialized programs for adults, children and families, older adults, individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing, BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color), the developmentally disabled, and criminal or juvenile justice-involved adults and youth.

Sound also offers pre-employment services (job interview skills, soft skills, job coaching, reliability, cooperation, managing stress, work-life balance) as well as post-employment services (on-the-job training, job expectations, long-term support of employer and employee, skill development, career development). Accessible, affordable and safe community-based housing resources are provided by Sound according to client preference, eligibility requirements, and clinical need. Sound also provides youth and children’s services, criminal justice re-entry assistance, family-oriented services, addiction treatment, mental health and other health services.

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